PowerBI desktop actualización de noviembre

El día 20 de noviembre se libero una nueva versión de PowerBI Desktop.


Dentro de sus novedades vamos a encontrar

Report Authoring

  • Play Axis for Scatter Chart
  • Horizontal Slicers
  • Slicer Selection Behaviors (single vs. multi-select)
  • Control Z-order
  • Background Colors for Slides
  • Interactions between Visuals – Subview (tile by)
  • Duplicate Pages
  • Support for KPIs and Images in Tables, Matrices and Cards
  • Better Tooltips on Area Charts & Line Charts
  • Ability to change Text size in Cards & Tables/Matrix
  • Improved tooltips and labels in Field Well and Formatting panes
  • Ability to see Categories with no data
  • Improved Default Sort behaviors for visuals
  • Ability to control Axis Scale display units
  • Visuals Refresh Optimizations when applying basic modeling operations

Data Modeling

  • Basic Automatic Date Features

Data Connectivity

  • SSAS Multidimensional support
  • SAP Hana
  • R Script
  • DirectQuery for SQL Server, Azure SQL DB and Azure SQL DW
  • Azure Data Lake Store
  • Marketo

Data Transformations

  • Improved Function Invocation experience
  • Option to set Credentials at Server vs. Database level
  • Add Prefix/Suffix to a Text column

Other Improvements

  • New Documentation Website, now also including localized content.