Reportes R para SSMS

En esta dirección de Github podrán descargar una serie de reportes para SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) los cuales nos sirven para todo lo que es R dentro de SQL Server

Aquí podrán encontrar:

R Services – Configuration.rdl

This report can be used to view the installation settings of R Services and properties of the R runtime. You can also use this report to configure R Services after installation.

R Services – Packages.rdl

This report lists the R packages installed on the SQL Server instance and properties like version, name.

R Services – Resource Usage.rdl

This report can be used to view the CPU, Memory, IO consumption of SQL Server & R scripts execution. You can also view the memory setting of external resource pools.

R Services – Extended Events.rdl

This report can be used to view the extended events that are available to get more insights into R scripts execution.

R Services – Execution Statistics.rdl

This report can be used to view the execution statistics of R services. For example, you can get the total number of R scripts executions, number of parallel executions and frequently used RevoScaleR functions.